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Name (click to view profile) Area Level(s) taught
Celia Stewart Bath and the South West of England 1
Ann Percival London 1,2,3
Clare Midgley County Durham 1,2
Theresa McInnes Edinburgh 1,2
Roushan Martens Edinburgh 1,2
Marion Hodges Essex 1,2,3
Angela Davies Kent 1,2,3
Kate Anderson Liverpool 1,2
Nancy Hynes Londonderry 1,2
Pat Russell North Tyneside 1,2
Frankie Boyes Northamptonshire 1,2
Maggie Evans Nottinghamshire 1,2,3
Anne Dalziel Scotland 1
Tessa Jordan Suffolk & Dorset 1,2,3
Patricia Campbell-Parker Surrey 1,2,3
Tracy Gibbons West Sussex 1
Carol Charles West Sussex 1,2