“A bit of comfort and help in a bottle.”
Julie Bennett, Sheffield 

“I don’t like flying and was dreading it till I was in Boots the chemist and saw Bach remedy drops, tried them and i haven’t looked back ever since”
Maria Rao, Edinburgh

“Like carrying a friend in your pocket for those times you need extra support”
Helen Steele, Devon

“I have used them for 40 years and will definitely carry on doing so”
Mary Young, Glasgow 

“When my best friend was going through a stressful time she used one of the Bach remedies to help her through the day, especially when she knew a stressful situation was due to arise.”
Mary Bott, Cork 

“I have been using this for years, it’s now also used by my friend.”
Jo Thompson, Kent

"Personally I am quite easily disillusioned and pessimistic in nature, but I have found that when I take Gorse, my mood improves and I become more positive."
Teresa Munro

"I find that Vervain is useful to calm my son, who can be over-enthusiastic and Larch to improve my daughters confidence. I think Rescue Remedy is an essential for all parents, I have even used it on the rabbit!"
Diane Dashfield

"I have gone through quite a few periods of change in my life, such as surgery, moving home and separation from my family. During times like these I have used Walnut for difficulty adjusting to change, Mimulus for known fear and Star of Bethlehem for shock and sorrow." 
Barbara Tremain