How the Essences Are Made

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Preparing the Bach™ Original Flower Remedies Mother Tinctures is a three step process.

Step One: Mother Tinctures are prepared from plant material, flower heads and natural spring water using either the Sun or Boiling Method as defined by Dr Bach in the 1930s. There are two methods of preparing the Mother Tinctures:

The Sun Method
Dr Bach used this method to make 20 of the essences, most of which are delicate flowers and bloom in the height of summer. Flower heads are floated on water in a glass bowl and left in full sunlight for three hours. On a busy essence-making day, there might be as many as six or seven bowls in the sun. Some of the flowers are only in bloom for a day or two, so timing is crucial.

The Boiling Method
Dr Bach used this method to prepare the remaining 18 essences, from trees, bushes and plants, most of which flower in the early part of the year. These are picked, boiled in a saucepan and left in the pan to cool outdoors.

Step Two: The flowers are removed from the potentised water, which is then filtered and mixed with an equal part of 40% proof brandy, this makes the Mother Tincture. The brandy acts purely as a preservative for the essence and is non-active ingredient.

Step Three: The Mother Tinctures arrive at the Nelsons bottling plant in Wimbledon, South London. To make the individual stock bottles you buy in shops, the Mother Tincture is added to 27% grape alcohol. The stock bottles are then packed up, sealed for safety and quality and dispatched to stores and countries around the world.

Did you know?
Every single bottle of Bach Original Flower Remedies around the world originates from the UK, so you can be assured that it has been made according to Dr Bach's guidelines. Just look for the Bach signature.