Our Brands

We aim to make the highest quality natural medicines as widely available as possible, providing a wider choice of safe and effective healthcare options for you. Our range of products includes:
  • Nelsons Arnicare™

    Arnicare Arnica Cream provides natural first aid for bruises.

    Also available is a Cooling Gel to soothe aching muscles, a Soothing Spray for hard-to-reach areas, and a Kids Stick. Nelsons Arnicare products use natural extracts of arnica to relieve bumps and knocks for the whole family. (Always read the label.)

  • Bach™ Original Flower Remedies

    This system of 38 plant and flower based essences are a culmination of a life’s work for Dr Edward Bach. His system captures the positive potential of the flowers and plants allowing us to rediscover the positive side of ourselves. Each specific essence focuses on a specific feeling and you can create your own individual combination and adapt it to suit whatever type of day you are having. The 38 flower essences are made from wild plants, trees and bushes and are still prepared today using the same methods Dr Bach outlined in his original writings. 

  • Nelsons® Homeopathy

    Our combination remedies – a successful range of ailment-specific, over-the-counter homeopathic medicines – offer first time and experienced users of homeopathy easy-to-take relief for everyday ailments. Travella™ helps relieve the discomfort of travel sickness and Pollenna™ brings soothing relief for the symptoms of hay fever. Nelsons also make the award-winning Clikpak™ range which presents the most popular homeopathic remedies in a discrete, easy-to-use dispenser. (Always read the label.)
  • Nelsons® Baby

    Teetha teething granules provide relief from the symptoms and discomfort of teething and contains natural chamomilla 6c. Teetha has become one of Nelsons' most trusted and easy-to-use medicines. Also available in the Nelsons Baby range are Sootha cough syrup and Smootha cream for babies' bottoms. (Always read the label.)
  • H+ Care

    Nelsons H+care™

    Following the success of Nelsons Haemorrhoid Cream, the new Nelsons H+care brand has recently been launched.  The range comprises of H+care Haemorrhoid Relief Cream and new H+care Soothing Hygienic Wipes.  Each product relies on a unique combination of 4 natural plant extracts, each specially chosen to help soothe and calm. (Always read the label.)
  • Nelsons Pure and Clear™

    This anti-blemish range is an easy “inside and out” 3-step system to cleanse, tone and soothe all skin types and for all ages, but especially those troubled by blemishes. The products blend four natural trusted ingredients – arnica, hypericum, tea tree and calendula, all known for their soothing properties and natural benefits. The range also includes a special ingredient to be taken internally – Homeopathic Sulphur – which has traditionally been used for its excellent skin conditioning properties.
  • Spatone®

    Spatone Liquid Iron Food Supplement is a gentle, easily absorbed, clinically proven iron supplement. One sachet can provide 100% of a person's average absorbed daily iron requirement.

    Iron is an essential mineral for carrying oxygen around your body and maintaining good health. Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

  • Nelsons® Skin Range

    Nelsons provide an extensive range of creams, ointments and sprays which are accessible to all. These topical products cover a wide range of common skin conditions/complaints. (Always read the label.)