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    How not to get all mixed up when baking with RESCUE® Remedy

    The Great British Bake Off is set to be back on TV at the end of the summer and if it’s anything like last year we will all be tuning in to see the contestants ‘on a roll’ or experiencing a ‘recipe for disaster’.


    Great British Bake Off is around the corner which will no doubt stir up the inner star baker within us while getting the nation whisked up into a baking frenzy!

    For those who want their bake to result in show stopping cakes, Great British Bake Off finalist Holly Bell has whipped up some insider tricks of the trade to help make sure the icing is always on top of the cake!


    NEW RESCUE® Spearmint Chewing Gum – chew your way to being cool, calm and collected

    NEW refreshing RESCUE Spearmint Chewing Gum is the latest handbag essential to join the successful RESCUE range. From the makers of RESCUE, the new minty addition to the iconic range helps soothe and calm on-the-go.

  • Start Your Day the Positive Way

    Weekday mornings. They’re all the same. Once you’ve managed to get out of bed, the all too familiar commute to work begins.  Endlessly waiting at the bus stop for the bus to come along, followed by a packed, hot train journey can be an all too regular occurrence. According to a recent government survey, over 100,000 people (one fifth of all commuters to London) have to stand during rush-hour[i], making it difficult to look for the positives in the morning.

  • Just Want To Dance the Night Away?

    In the run up to a wedding  there is so much to be done and lots of people to please it is no wonder brides-to-be often feel overwhelmed when organising their big day. From the colour scheme to the table plans, staying cool, calm and collected can be easier said than done, and that’s without the pressure of the first dance!

  • It's An Age Old Worry

    Getting old is on everyone’s mind but according to a new survey we don’t begin to really worry about ageing until we reach 50. The survey showed eight out of ten people are worried about getting older, with health concerns and loss of independence topping the poll.
  • The Morning Grumps

    We all have those friends, who with one buzz of the alarm are jumping out of bed like a jack-in-a-box whilst you’re still trying to open your eyes. These so-called “Energetic Early Birds” can often be bright and cheery in the mornings but a recent survey has revealed one in four of us find this really rather annoying!

  • Who wears the trousers in your relationship?

    A survey by Bach™ Original Flower Remedies looks into the nation’s relationship habits

    Gender stereotypes have traditionally seen men as the partner who wears the trousers in a relationship. However, modern day relationships are in a transition phase and over half of Brits now believe they equally wear the trousers. A survey from Bach™ Original Flower Remedies has discovered that 50% of men think they have equal relationships compared to nearly 60% of women.


    RESCUE pledge campaign encouraging you to reclaim your calm.

    Seven out of ten people now own a smart phone in the UK with a study revealing that 70% of managers and professionals check their smart phone within an hour of getting up, while 56% check their phone within an hour of going to sleep.  The question is with the increasing need to always be online, what are we doing to ourselves and is this affecting our actual social life?


    One in four holiday makers fall ill when abroad, with the most common ailments being upset tummies, over indulgence, mosquito bites and sunburn. All of these can happen easily, especially in countries where the food and climates are different from what we are used to or more importantly not prepared for, therefore, without holiday insurance these could be costly ailments.