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  • Horatio

    Nelsons Teams Up With Well-Being Charity Horatio's Garden

    Nelsons, one of the UK's largest manufacturers of natural healthcare products, is sponsoring Horatio’s Garden to have a stand at the Chelsea Flower Show in order to raise awareness of the charity and funds for their next garden through exclusive merchandise, including a stunning porcelain pestle and mortar by sculptor John Julian.
  • RESCUE Remedy® And Their Award Winning TV Debut

    Rescue Remedy®'s first ever UK TV advert, created by Alpha Century and voiced by actress Emilia Fox, won “Best Consumer Advertising on TV” in the inaugural OTC Bulletin Marketing Awards in March.
  • rescue-dropper

    RESCUE® Starts 2016 On Top

    After a successful ‘I Can Do This’ campaign in 2015, RESCUE Remedy® has started 2016 on a high as the No.1 brand in its category.  Over 52 weeks, RESCUE has driven category growth by 8% and grown its own market share within the category to 47.1%.

  • spatone-28


    The inevitable cold and flu season has started to gain traction. Whether it’s our colleagues, fellow commuters or friends and family who get ill, the sneezes and snuffles could very well be on their way to you.

    It’s an inevitable fact of today’s working culture that we spend the majority of our time in the office with our co-workers rather than at home with our families, friends and housemates.  But why are so many of us reluctant to invest time and energy fostering genuine relationships with our colleagues?

    Whether it’s SATs, GCSEs, A-Levels, University end of year exams or degree finals, these can be a challenging and nervous time no matter how much preparation has been done. Whilst there’s no magic short cut to really knowing your stuff apart from putting in the hours revising, make sure you are on your best form to apply the knowledge learnt on exam day by putting worries to one side and embrace the exam knowing you have done all you can.


    RESCUE REMEDY®’s recent research has discovered that 90% of parents feel they face challenges bringing up their child every day[i].  Everyone faces some challenges in their day-to-day lives, but for parents, these can be more difficult than most. As well as looking after yourself and making sure your day goes to plan, parents have the added worry about everything their child does, or perhaps doesn’t do.


    In 1989 a poll showed that 3% of the UK’s population were vegetarians. However, a more recent poll has estimated that 12% of the population are now vegetarian, which means that over 7.6 million adults are vegetarians in the UK today.

  • PBA

    You’ve heard of positive mental attitude but what about positive beach attitude? With sun, sand and the sea to look forward to, why do so many of us approach the summer holiday with trepidation about getting into our bikinis? Yet 82% of women feel pressurised to shape up for the bikini season[i] and 60% of women diet for bikini season.

  • Alex headshot


    With the warm weather already here and it looking to be a balmy spring and summer, the anticipation of beach getaways and evenings in the park is almost upon us. With shorts, skirts and bikinis at the ready, how can we make sure we have the confidence to strut our stuff this summer? Alex Gerrard, who always looks fabulous on the beach, here she reveals her top health and fitness tips!