Help keep travel sickness at bay with Nelsons® Travella®!

The holidays are just around the corner, with many families busy planning a break - whether that be jet-setting abroad to sunnier shores, an action packed city break, a staycation in the UK or even a fun filled day trip.

Although for most of us a holiday is cause for celebration, for those who suffer from travel sickness, the thought of a long journey is enough to make their stomach churn. There is, however, an over the counter homeopathic remedy that could help with the symptoms of travel sickness, Nelsons Travella.

Nutritionist Emma Wight-Boycott also recommends some simple foods and tips that could help ease the queeze:

  • Ginger is an old wives tale for helping with nausea. Try putting 2-3 slices of fresh ginger in hot water for 5 minutes and drinking.
  •  Try sipping on small amounts of water to keep you hydrated. It is best not to gulp large amounts of water at a time as this can make the tummy too full and make you feel more nauseous.
  • Nibbling on a slow release carbohydrate like an oat cake or a plain cracker gives the stomach something to act upon, but being plain it will be gentle enough to not overload the digestive system which could make you feel worse.
  • Lemons - while I do not recommend chomping on a lemon when you feel nauseous smelling one can be particularly useful. Aromatherapy has long known the benefits of the citrus fruits to calm the stomach. Lemons or mandarins are great fruits as you can easily slice one and place it near you during a journey.

Long journeys could generally not enjoyable for anyone; however, for those that experience the symptoms of travel sickness they can be even more unpleasant. To help relieve the symptoms of travel sickness, remember to pack Nelsons® Travella*. It contains a unique combination of seven homeopathic remedies, each specifically chosen to help bring soothing relief for the unpleasant symptoms associated with travel sickness. This helps holiday makers to enjoy the journey and help with future holidays! Nelsons Travella does not cause drowsiness.

Nelsons Travella is available from Boots, Holland and Barrett, selected Lloyds pharmacies, Superdrug, selected WH Smiths at the airport, selected P&O Ferries and all good independent health food and pharmacy stores.  Price: £5.99 for 72 tablets. *Always read the label.