A recent survey[i] by Nelsons Pollenna has revealed some of the obstacles hay fever sufferers’ encounter - and coupled with the symptoms of itchy eyes, runny noses and bouts of sneezing fits; it is easy to see why some women dread spring.

Nelsons Pollenna™ survey has revealed it’s not just the physical symptoms that effect hay fever sufferers, with over a third (34%) admitting to worrying about their appearance when experiencing the symptoms of hay fever. This is particularly true of female sufferers of which four in ten (43%) claim to worry about how they look, with another sixth (17%) of ladies admitting that they tend to wear more make up when they are suffering and a third (34%) always having to wear sunglasses to cover their eyes.

There are many steps that you can take to help relieve hay fever symptoms to get you back to feeling yourself on the inside and the outside. Abigail James, International Celebrity Facialist and Skincare Expert, gives her top eye tips to help hay fever sufferers look their best:

  • Try a cool eye compresses to calm the eye area if it’s irritated due to hay fever. Use slices of cucumber straight from the fridge or cooled chamomile teabags which have been water infused, these can then be kept in the fridge and re-used over 48 hours. You could also try keeping some teaspoons in the fridge, place these over the eyelids and slowly glide over the eyes to help smooth the area.
  • Change your eye cream to an eye gel, this can be kept in the fridge, the lighter texture won’t increase any puffiness and can be cool when applied.
  • Hay fever often causes dark circles so I would recommend an eye brightening concealer to hide dark circles. 
  • Go for a minimal makeup look with a touch of peach or pale coloured iridescent eye shadow or cream to give some delicate sparkle and a good waterproof mascara to prevent the panda eyes. 
  • A facial massage with finger pads around the eye area works really well to help disperse any puffiness., Working from the middles of the face out to the temples and down the cheeks, no need to use products just tap the face gently with your face pads. 
  • If all else fails embrace some big Jackie O sunglasses, tress chic with a red lipstick.

For those that suffer from hay fever, there are ways to help relieve the symptoms of hay fever, including taking an over the counter product like Nelsons Pollenna#. Nelsons Pollenna contains a unique selection of homeopathic remedies, specifically combined to help bring gentle and soothing relief for the distressing symptoms of hay fever. It is non drowsy and suitable for all the family.  If symptoms persist or worsen, consult your doctor. #Always read the label.  To find out more about Nelsons Pollenna visit www.nelsonsnaturalworld.net.

[i] A survey conducted on 2100 UK adults 10-11th December 2015 by Populus Research on behalf of Nelsons