National Allergy Week (28th April – 4th May) set to draw attention to the plight of allergy suffers in the UK

National Allergy Week is taking place from the 28th April – 4th May 2015, with its aim to get people talking about the issues that those who suffer from allergies face.  With a staggering 21 million estimated Brits enduring the symptoms of allergies[i] , it’s clear to see why Brits are using the awareness week to stand up to the impact that allergies have on everyday life.

Hay fever tops the nation’s allergy conditions with 26% of Brits experiencing it, followed by house dust mites (11%) and pets (9%)[ii]. Although hay fever doesn’t pose a serious threat to health, its symptoms – which can include a runny nose, sneezing and itchy eyes – undoubtedly can impact quality of life. Worryingly 49% of sufferers state that their symptoms affect their work or school, 80% state it affects how they spend their social time and 85% reported that their symptoms disrupt their sleep[iii].

National Allergy Week comes at a good time to remind those who are susceptible to hay fever to prepare in advance, as this year’s season is set to be particularly worse than previous years and start a month early[iv]

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