Christmas is a magical and exciting time full of family fun and cheer but it can also be incredibly  hectic, especially for busy mums. The Christmas ‘to do’ list can go on and on - with the hunt for perfect presents, wrapping up,  stocking filling, Christmas decorating and preparing to cook everyone’s favourite meal of the year just to mention a few of the jobs.

Nelsons® Calendula and Holly Bell, Great British Bake Off contestant and busy mum of three boys, are here to give some top tips on how to make Christmas run as smoothly as a Christmas elf does.

  1. Colour code your wrapping paper with each child having specific paper so no-one ‘accidentally’ opens their sibling’s presents in the ripping frenzy!
  2. We always have a takeaway on Christmas Eve. Space is at a premium in the fridge and it’s a welcome treat after all the preparation.
  3. On Christmas Eve, label all the serving dishes with what they’ll hold. It’s easy to forget the parsnips or cranberry sauce in the rush on the big day.
  4. I always make an alternative to Christmas pudding as not everyone likes it. In our house a chocolate ganache tart is the favourite which is perfect as it’s made ahead. I serve it with crème fraiche and raspberries.
  5. Keep a tube of Nelsons® Calendula hand cream next to the sink. Slather it on before and after popping on your washing up gloves for super silky hands.
  6. I keep a few spare gifts, some wrapping paper, sellotape and scissors upstairs in our spare bedroom. That way if an unexpected visitor and gift arrives we’re not caught out. Large aromatherapy candles always go down well or wooden photo frames wrapped in tissue paper.
  7. Ensure all battery operated toys are removed from the packaging and stuffed full of long life batteries before being wrapped. Plus we have spare packs of AAs in the cupboard. It’s amazing how many batteries a small child can get through!
  8. Make sure you have an array of thank you cards of card making materials in the house. That way the children can write their notes during any down time over the holidays. I keep a list of who bought what so that nobody’s forgotten.
  9. When faced with leftovers don’t reach to make turkey curry straight away. We love Santa’s Pie in our house – layers of turkey, sausage, bacon, leftover veg, cranberry sauce and gravy, all topped with a pastry lid. We pop it in the freezer for an easy but decadent January supper when budgets can be a bit tight.
  10. When packing the decorations up for another year use egg cartons to store fragile baubles. They fayre a lot better than left to roll around in a large box.

Mums know that all the work they do preparing for Christmas can leave hands feeling neglected - if yours are in need of some attention, head straight for the Marigolds in the form of Nelsons® Calendula Cream.  Made with natural calendula extract, Nelsons® Calendula Cream helps gently soothe dry, flaky or chapped skin. Calendula, part of the marigold family, is famous for its skin conditioning properties and is gentle enough to be used every day. It will have hands looking revitalised in no time!

Nelsons Calendula Cream is priced at £5.09 for 30g tube and is available from Boots, Holland & Barrett and independent pharmacies and health food stores.