Moisturise and nourish your skin with Nelsons® Calendula

Winter weather doesn’t just leave us with a rosy glow to our cheeks, it can also play havoc to our tresses and skin! Every beauty buff knows that a combination of cold weather and having the heating on can result in dry, flaky and chapped skin – not a lusted after winter wonderland look!

If the colder weather dries your skin out this winter, don’t fret, there is help at hand! Nelsons Calendula cream can help moisturise and nourish your skin all winter long leaving it feeling soft and smooth. Nelsons Calendula cream is made from 100 percent natural calendula – otherwise known as Marigold – which has been used for generations due to its skin conditioning properties. Don’t let your skin endure the winter weather, why not stock up your beauty bag with Nelsons Calendula cream!

Nelsons Calendula is priced at £5.09 for a 30g tube and available from Boots, Holland & Barrett and independent pharmacies and health food stores