NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH - Steer a Straighter Emotional Path This Year with the NEW Bach Everyday Essence Kit

Busy social lives, growing work demands and the need to constantly be available is starting to take its toll on the UK population, leaving us tired, frustrated and increasingly overwhelmed.

With very little ‘me-time’ our emotions can be set on a roller-coaster ride with highs and lows and hardly any time to re-balance. We can’t even use the night time to recuperate, as 45% of Brits are unable to switch off and lie wide awake at night with worries filling their heads[i].

BachTM Original Flower Remedies have just launched their Everyday Essence Kit, containing six of the top Bach Original Flower Remedies, all of which can be useful to have by your side. So step off that emotional roller coaster with Bach Original Flower Remedies and walk a more balanced emotional path:


  • Olive - You feel tired after making an effort       
  • White Chestnut - You struggle to switch off or have repetitive thoughts
  • Walnut  - You find it hard to adapt to change
  • Mimulus  You are shy or feel worried about something
  • Rock Rose  – You are overwhelmed by fear or terror
  • Aspen – You feel fearful/unsettled but cant say why


From the makers of RESCUE®, BachTM Original Flower Remedies balance your emotions and allow you to fulfil your potential with the system of 38 flower essences for emotional wellbeing. They are the original flower essences, produced according to Dr Bach’s traditional methods, which date back over 75 years, and many of the plants used originate from the Bach Centre garden in rural Oxfordshire. Suitable for all the family.

Available from,  and  RRP £39.99.  For more information, visit