Tackle chilblains with Nelsons® Chilblains cream


As golden leaves start to fall from the trees and the days become nippier we know that winter is well and truly round the corner.


The bitter bite that some winter days bring has us all reaching for toasty gloves, chunky scarves and snugly socks – but sometimes we can still unfortunately feel the chill. When the temperature falls we can also be susceptible to unpleasant Chilblains – small itchy, painful red swellings on the skin that occur on our extremities as a reaction to cold weather, especially on the fingers, toes, earlobes and nose.


One way to provide relief to nasty Chilblains is to apply Nelsons Chilblains, a topical remedy traditionally used for the symptomatic treatment of Chilblains.  It contains a natural homeopathic potency of Wild Black Bryony fresh root which can help provide relief when applied to unbroken chilblains.


 There are some ways to help avoid chilblains – why not try the below to keep warm and cosy this winter!


  • Get moving – an active body heats up quickly and it improves your circulation.
  • Wear a good quality hat, socks and gloves when you venture out, we lose most of our heat through our heads, feet and hands. It’s also a good idea to wear a clean pair of socks if you get cold in bed.
  • Don’t wear tight shoes or boots as this can restrict the circulation to your toes and feet.
  • Moisturise your skin regularly – this stops it drying out and the skin cracking. If you are suffering from chilblains then apply a topical cream like Nelsons Chilblains to help provide relief to unbroken chilblains.
  • At night time use a hot water bottle, an affordable yet effective way to stay warm.
  • Make warming foods and drinks – a lovely hot soup is perfect for a winter’s day and will definitely warm you up!
  • Warm your shoes on the radiator before you put them on, also make sure damp shoes are dry before you wear them.
  • Invest in a cosy blanket or slanket to cuddle up in on the sofa and in bed.


Nelsons Chilblains cream is priced at £5.09 (30g) and is available from all good independent health food and pharmacy stores and www.nelsonshomeopathy.com. Always read the label.