It's An Age Old Worry

Getting old is on everyone’s mind but according to a new survey we don’t begin to really worry about ageing until we reach 50. The survey showed eight out of ten people are worried about getting older, with health concerns and loss of independence topping the poll. In fact, women are more concerned about losing their independence in comparison to men, with 6 out of 10 women versus 4 out of 10 men worried about it.[i]

To live life to its full potential, try to focus on the benefits of getting older rather than the negatives, as it brings with it the following:

  • More free time to do the things you enjoy
  • A broader life experience to help you make well-rounded decisions
  • More self-confidence

If you still can’t see the benefits,  allow BachTM Original Flower Remedies to guide you on to a more fulfilled emotional path.

  • Mimulus – You feel worried about something specific
  • Walnut – You find it hard to adapt to change

From the makers of RESCUE®, BachTM Original Flower Remedies balance your emotions and fulfil your potential with the system of 38 flower essences for emotional wellbeing. They are the original flower essences, produced according to Dr Bach’s traditional methods, which date back over 75 years, and many of the plants used originate from the Bach Centre garden in rural Oxfordshire. Suitable for all the family.

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