RESCUE pledge campaign encouraging you to reclaim your calm.

Seven out of ten people now own a smart phone in the UK[i] with a study revealing that 70% of managers and professionals check their smart phone within an hour of getting up, while 56% check their phone within an hour of going to sleep[ii].  The question is with the increasing need to always be online, what are we doing to ourselves and is this affecting our actual social life?

It seems many are keeping up with their social life online, with approximately 1.4 billion people on Facebook who spend a whopping on average 15 hours and 33 minutes a month on the website[iii]. That is the equivalent of at least two evenings out with friends that instead we are spending our time plugging away on our phones. The amount of time that people spend on their phone does raise the question of why and what is so compelling about this new form of communication?  

The use of social media, smart phones and tablets, plus our busy social lives has left little ‘quiet time’ in our daily lives. Few of us spend time reflecting on our day or just sitting quietly without doing something else, at a time when people need it more than ever due to the frantic pressure in our lives.

RESCUE’s NEW pledge campaign has set out to encourage the UK to change their habits for one week.  Everyone that makes a pledge with RESCUE will be entered into a prize draw to win a relaxing spa break for them and a friend. Participants will then be encouraged to share their experience with RESCUE to be in with a chance to win further prizes. RESCUE is asking women to pledge one of the following:

  • Look out of the window instead of checking my phone on my commute
  • Leave my smart phone at home next time I go shopping
  • Not check my smart phone first when I go up

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