Be cool, calm and collected with RESCUE® REMEDY by your side.

The average Briton wastes one hour and 40 minutes of their time a day, that’s nearly 12 hours a week. Commuting, PPI phone calls and thinking about what might happen are some of the most infuriating time wasters, stealing precious time and adding to our pile of negative woes[i]

The use of social media, smart phones and tablets, plus our busy social lives has left little ‘quiet time’. Few of us spend time reflecting on our day or just sitting quietly without doing something else, at a time when people need to more than ever due to the frantic pressure in our lives. RESCUE’s NEW "I Can Do This" campaign has set out to encourage the UK that they can turn everyday hurdles into positive situations, when life’s everyday demands and our busy lives leave us feeling all over the place and at times overwhelmed. Be cool, calm and collected and live life each day with RESCUE REMEDY by your side.

Don’t let life’s obstacles get in the way of a good day with these "I Can Do This" tips from RESCUE REMEDY:

  • Share the problem – most problems or everyday hurdles can at times seem overwhelming, but sharing them with a friend will help to put them into perspective. A problem shared really is a problem halved!
  • Have a cup of tea – More than four out of ten people claim that a cup of tea always makes them feel better[ii].
  • Take a short break – this will give you time to clear your head and plan what you need to do next to achieve the most out of your day.
  • Scale down expectations – recognise your limitations and only take on what you can accomplish within the given time period.
  • Disconnect – keeping your worries at bay and remaining calm gives your body less time in the ‘fight or flight’ mode and more time accomplishing what you need to get done.

Capture the positive potential of RESCUE REMEDY and be cool, calm and collected every day. RESCUE REMEDY formulation is a combination of five Bach™ Original Flower Essences specially blended to provide support in times of emotional demand. The flower essences are Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Cherry Plum and it can be used anytime, anywhere and is suitable for all the family.

RESCUE REMEDY is available in a spray (£9.20) and a dropper (£6.90 for 10ml and £9.20 for 20ml) from Boots, Holland & Barrett, independent pharmacies, health food stores, grocery stores nationwide and online www.amazon.co.uk.

For more information, please visit www.rescueremedy.co.uk.

[i] Daily Mail 25/02/2014

[ii] Research commissioned by the Royal Voluntary Service charity, The Times p3 24/03/2014