The age old saying goes that beauty starts on the inside, and it’s never been truer when it comes to achieving radiant, glowing skin. So, with summer around the corner kick start your regime and help yourself obtain a naturally clear complexion.

If you, like the 40 to 55% of adults[i] that have mild acne, are prone to pimples and spots, there are steps you can take to help you relive them.  While the myths around acne - such as it’s only problematic for teenagers, it’s only on the skin surface, lying in the sun will make it go away, and eating chocolate is the biggest culprit -  preside,  we need to go beyond what is just skin deep.

Nelsons Sulfur 30c pillules is a NEW skin care product which contains an active ingredient sulfur. Sulfur is a homeopathic medicinal product used within the homeopathic tradition for the symptomatic relief of pimples and spots of mild acne that are not infected or inflamed and skin prone to eczema, irritation and itching.  

Nelsons Sulfur 30c pillules are priced at £5.89 and available in Boots, Holland & Barrett and independent pharmacies.  Always read the label.