Fatally Attracted

Bach™ Original Flower Remedies Could Lend A Helping Hand

It was a moment of indiscretion, a snatched opportunity and eventually a fatal mistake. The roller coaster of emotions that lead character Dan Gallagher encounters throughout the film Fatal Attraction are not ones we would welcome on a daily basis.   

However, it is estimated that a third of marriages may need to confront and deal with the aftermath of an affair[i]. And unlike the 80’s when personal computers were not as prevalent as now, we have another threat to modern marriage, the internet. It is estimated that approximately 70% of time spent online is in chat rooms or sending emails, the vast majority of which are of a romantic nature[ii].

So, although Fatal Attraction was set in the turbulent decade of the 1980’s, where permed hair was big and shoulder pads were even bigger, the emotions and events experienced are things many of us may encounter at some point in our lives.

Let go of those turbulent feelings and steer a straighter emotional path with  Bach™ Original Flower Remedies at your side.

  • Pine - You feel guilty or blame yourself
  • Agrimony  - You hide your troubles behind a smile
  • Holly - You feel the need for revenge or are suspicious of others
  • Rock Rose - You are overwhelmed by fear or terror
  • Cherry Plum - You fear you might lose control
  • Centuary - You find it hard to say 'no' to others

From the makers of RESCUE®, the system of 38 flower essences can help us rediscover the positive side of ourselves and lead emotionally healthy lives. They are the original flower essences, produced according to Dr Bach’s traditional methods, which date back over 75 years, and many of the plants used originate from the Bach Centre garden in rural Oxfordshire. Suitable for all the family.


Available from Holland & Barrett, most independent pharmacy, health food stores and www.boots.com or www.amazon.co.uk, RRP £6.65.  For more information, visit www.bachremedies.co.uk.

[ii] Affairs of the Net: The Cybershrinks' Guide to Online Relationships