Cut negativity and transform your day into a positive one

Having a ‘difficult day’ can happen to anyone at any time, but when you are struggling you can feel like you are the only person to ever think the universe is conspiring against you.  According to a recent RESCUE survey, 62% of Brits claim that a bad night’s sleep triggers a ‘difficult day’, while 28% have a ‘difficult day’ due to over-sleeping or running late[i].

There are many situations that can cause a ‘difficult day’ such as breaking a high heel, locking yourself out of the house, getting stuck in traffic and missing a bus or train. Many situations you have little control over, but one thing you can change is how you feel about it.  

Transform the day back around and overcome the ‘difficult day’ with RESCUE Night® and RESCUE® Remedy. Take comfort that RESCUE is by your side when you need to get the most from your busy day. Whether it is a frustrating commute or the demands of a busy family life, keep on top of your day with RESCUE.

When your day seems a little too much to handle try RESCUE Remedy. It is a combination of five Bach™ Original Flower Essences specially blended to give comfort from everyday difficult situations. The flower essences are Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Cherry Plum and it can be used anytime, anywhere and is suitable for all the family.

If you need help to ease the mind from the fretful and repetitive thoughts that keep us from a restful and recuperating night’s sleep try RESCUE Night® Liquid Melts.  RESCUE Night Liquid Melts combine the famous Bach™ Original Flower Essences of Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Impatiens and Clematis, with the addition of White Chestnut in a convenient capsule.


RESCUE is available from Boots, Lloydspharmacy, independent pharmacies and health food stores as well as grocery stores nationwide. Products and prices are:

RESCUE Remedy 10ml dropper - £6.90

RESCUE Remedy 20ml dropper - £9.20

RESCUE Remedy 7ml spray - £6.90

RESCUE Remedy 20ml spray - £9.20

RESCUE Night Liquid Melts - £8.45

RESCUE Night 10ml dropper - £7.00

RESCUE Night 20ml spray - £9.45

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[i] RESCUE Survey, Atomik research 2015 respondents November 2013