Get back to public life after childbirth with these tips from midwife Maggie Evans

Now your new arrival is here, make the most of them by ensuring you bounce back. Regardless of whether your labour was long or short, hard or easy, the first moments after birth are where the anticipation of the last 9 months are realised and you make the giant leap from pregnancy to parenting.

A Nelsons Arnicare® survey asked new mums what actions they took to aid their recovery after birth; 29% of women did pelvic floor exercises, 18% bathed with salts, whilst 10% slept more, 10% exercised more. 9% took homeopathic arnica [i].

Maggie Evans, registered midwife, has some useful tips to help new mums

  • Balance your rest and activity – don’t take on too much, honour this time in the early weeks to get to know your baby and adjust to your new lifestyle.
  • Continue to eat a wholesome diet providing all the essential nutrients to keep you healthy
  • Water therapy is thought to help – ice packs provide short term relief, regular bathing or use of the bidet is also soothing. The Nelsons Arnicare® survey found that women often added salts to the bath water, however there is no evidence this works. *
  • Essential oil of Lavender is well known for it’s relaxing effect, so add 4-6 drops diluted in carrier oil or full cream milk to the bath after the water has been run. *
  • Homeopathic arnica has traditionally been used by some women to help with emotional shock and trauma such as exhaustion and also to aid recovery *. Always consult your doctor or qualified healthcare practitioner before taking anything during pregnancy and post labour.


*You should always seek advice from your midwife if you want to try any of these tips




[i] Survey conducted by Atomik Research, on behalf of Nelsons Arnicare® with 1,000 of mums with a child under 5 years old, November 2012