Bee Ready!

Summer brings with it an exciting buzz of activity. Longer days, warmer evenings and the onset of the holiday season mean there are many outdoor activities to look forward to once we’ve waved goodbye to winter. But for a quarter of the population it also signals the start of the dreaded hay fever season.[i] With itchy eyes, runny noses and bouts of sneezing fits, it’s easy to see why some hay fever sufferers struggle to embrace the summer.

After last year’s record pollen count, with levels at a 50 year high[ii], and some trees beginning to pollinate as early as February, it’s not too soon to start getting ready for the long hay fever season ahead.[iii]

Don’t think you’re currently a sufferer of hay fever? A recent study[iv] by Nelsons has shown that of those who suffer with hay fever, over 50% believe they developed the symptoms after their early 20s, so if we have another high pollen count in 2014 there’s a chance you could be susceptible to the symptoms of hay fever.

Bee ready and make the most of the summer and take hay fever out of the equation early on! Nelsons® Pollenna™ contains a unique selection of homeopathic remedies, specifically combined to help bring gentle and soothing relief for the distressing symptoms of hay fever. It is non drowsy and suitable for all the family. 

Nelsons Pollenna costs £5.51 and is available from Boots, Holland and Barrett, selected Tesco’s and Lloyds pharmacies and all good independent health food and pharmacy stores.  If symptoms persist or worsen, consult your doctor. Always read the label.  To find out more about Nelsons Pollenna visit


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Notes to editors

Nelsons is the UK’s leading manufacturer of natural healthcare products, with a long-standing commitment to supplying the highest quality natural healthcare products that meets all regulatory and quality standards. Its brands are recognised and sold in over 60 countries worldwide and include Rescue®, Bach™ Original Flower Remedies, Arnicare®, Teetha®, Nelsons® Homeopathy , Spatone® and Nelsons Pure and Clear

[i] A survey conducted on 2015 UK adults, 14th-18th November 2013, by Atomik Research on behalf of Nelsons

[iv] A survey conducted on 2015 UK adults, 14th-18th November 2013, by Atomik Research on behalf of Nelsons