It’s New Year’s Eve and you want to look your best to see in 2014. With the last minute preparations it’s easy to rush getting ready and that’s when accidents can happen.

As you hurry to get your hair done before everyone arrives, it can be easy to forget that most hair tongs can reach a temperature of 220C.  With 1 in 3 women in Britain estimated to own a set of hair tongs, the likelihood of suffering a burn is fairly high.[i] A survey by Accidental Britain has revealed that more than half of young women who use the appliances end up burning themselves at least once a month![ii]

So if you’re one of the unlucky ones this year, for a minor burn, first place the area of the burn under a cold tap for at least ten minutes. If you are looking for a natural first aid treatment then try Nelsons Burns Cream*, which can help to provide natural first aid relief for minor burns and scalds. It is a traditional herbal remedy that can help relieve pain and help to heal minor burns and scalds.


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*Always Read the Label

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