Nelsons RESCUE®….a newcomer on the Great British Bake Off!

 Nelsons RESCUE®….a newcomer on the Great British Bake Off!            

 Things are guaranteed to get heated in this season's 'Great British Bake Off', but this year’s youngest contestant Ruby Tandoh has been keeping a cool head and is now a hotly-tipped favourite for the title!

As well as taking part in the popular baking contest where she has shown a flair for bread and pastries, the 21-year old former model is also studying philosophy and history of art. She clearly has a lot on her plate, but what was spotted close at hand in the last night and last week's episodes? It’s a familiar yellow bottle….Nelsons Rescue® Remedy.

 RESCUE® Remedy is a combination of five Bach™ Original Flower Remedies specially blended to comfort and provide relief from everyday stressful situations. The flower remedies are Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Cherry Plum and is suitable for all the family.

Rescue Remedy comes in a spray (£9.20) and a dropper (£6.90 for 10ml and £9.20 for 20ml) and is available from Boots, Lloyds pharmacy, independent pharmacies and health food stores as well as grocery stores nationwide. For more information, go to Always read the label.

 Notes To Editors:

Nelsons is the UK's leading manufacturer of natural healthcare products, with a long-standing commitment to supplying the highest quality natural healthcare products that meet all regulatory and quality standards. Their brands are recognised and sold all over the world and include Rescue Remedy®, Bach™ Original Flower Remedies, Nelsons Arnicare™, Nelsons Teetha™, Nelsons™ Homeopathy, Spatone™ and Pure & Clear™.