Nelsons Arnicare survey finds that 5% of dads in labour fainted during child-birth!

Nelsons Arnicare has conducted a survey to find out whether dads help or hinder during childbirth[1]:

  • Pre-birth, 90% of women surveyed wanted their partner to be with them at the birth of their child, but post-birth, 16% of women who did have their partners nearby, said they would have preferred a friend or family member instead and 11% would have preferred to give birth alone!
  • 1 in 10 say they wouldn’t allow their partner to be there whilst giving birth
  • During the crucial stages of birth; 31% of women said their partner was emotional, whilst 23% of women said their partner seemed relaxed. 12% said their partner was involved with the birth, but 8% left the room and 5% fainted!

Luckily, Nelsons Arnicare range can help mums and dads in the labour room:

  • Arnicare Cooling Gel for dad if hands are over-squeezed to cool and revive
  • Arnicare Cream for dad in case he hits the deck and bumps or knocks himself
  • Arnicare bath and massage balm for rubbing her back or adding to a soothing bath for mum


[1] Survey conducted by Atomik Research with 1,000 of mums with a child under 5 years old, November 2012