NEW Nelsons Arnicare® Arnica Cooling Gel 85g for joggers, runners, triathletes and iron men

There are nearly 1,000 running and triathlon events happening around the UK this year, from 5k runs to marathons, beginner’s triathlons to iron man contests ( A combination of the inspirational London Olympics, better fitness education and pressures from celebrity images means that people stick to their New Year’s resolutions for longer, entering organised events to keep them focussed. 


The London Marathon is one such event and for 35,000 runners, it is fast approaching on 21st April. With the training now at its most intense, it’s important to be careful and look after muscles and joints and during the race itself, most of the casualties that occur are sprains and strains. During the 2012 London Marathon, 4,923 runners and members of the public needed assistance, but the bulk of these consultations were for minor concerns[1]. 


A great many injuries can be avoided by warming up and doing stretches immediately before and after the race. And NEW Nelsons Arnicare® Arnica Cooling Gel 85g has just launched which can help ease muscle aches after physical exertion. Specially formulated to refresh and revitalise, it combines the invaluable natural properties of arnica with the benefits of prompt cooling to soothe and revive aching and tired limbs.