When new relationships are blossoming, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to turn down the lights and turn up the romance. But as relationships mature and become more comfortable, often Cupid gets lost amongst the commitments of work and family life until he is a distant memory. The 2012 Sex Census* findings support this trend with the number of people experiencing unsatisfactory sex increasing the longer they are in a relationship. The 30-39 age group proves to be the most unsatisfied with both the quantity and quality of their sex lives. The pressures of juggling work and family life experienced by this age group seems to be to blame with 1 in 5 people saying tiredness is getting in the way of their sex lives.

Getting back that spark can be tricky, especially if there are emotional obstacles preventing you from re-lighting your relationship fire. Luckily Bach Original Flower Remedies can help whatever emotion is stopping you from feeling the romance this Valentine’s Day:

  • Are you feeling body conscious? Feeling unhappy with how we look can be an instant passion killer. The remedy Crab Apple can help you feel comfortable in your own skin so you are able to focus on keeping your love life healthy.
  • Does your passion need pepping up? If you have been together for a long time and feel things have gone a bit stale, Wild Rose can help shake off indifferent feelings and bring the excitement back into focus.
  • Too tired? If the daily routine of work and kids leaves you feeling mentally tired and weary, Olive can help restore emotional strength and vitality allowing you to spend quality time with your partner.
  • Feeling a bit overwhelmed? If you are used to spending a Saturday night in front of the TV, getting ready for a romantic evening can be a bit overwhelming. When you feel flustered try a few drops of Elm to help you stay calm and in control.
  • Worried about the kids? Spending time just the two of you is vital to keep the romance alive, but leaving the kids with a babysitter can be worrying, especially if they are babies or tearaway teenagers. Try some Red Chestnut to help keep your worry levels to a minimum and to keep your focus on enjoying the time as a couple.
From the makers of Rescue Remedy®, Bach Original Flower Remedies are a system of 38 remedies which can help us rediscover the positive side of ourselves and lead emotionally healthy lives. They are the original remedies, produced according to Dr Bach’s traditional methods, which date back over 75 years, and many of the plants used originate from the Bach Centre garden. Bach Original Flower Remedies are made from natural flower essences and are suitable for all the family.

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Notes to Editors:

* The Sex Census 2012. 24,709 people. December 2011 to January 2012. Conducted by Relate & Ann Summers via