Our range of products meet the appropriate UK and global regulatory and licensing requirements, and are made in our Wimbledon manufacturing facility which operates to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and rigorous procedures.

Our traditional heritage is not lost and we still continue to prepare our homeopathic remedies to traditional Hahnemannian methods. Similarly, 70 years after Dr Bach's death, his guiding principle of 'simplicity and purity in the method' remains paramount for all of us involved in the preparation of the Bach™ Original Flower Remedies.

Manufacturing Standards

Our Wimbledon facilities conform to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines as stipulated by the European Medicines Directive and in accord with the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidance. GMP controls and manages the manufacturing process for pharmaceutical products, to ensure they are consistently produced and made to quality standards appropriate to their intended use.

Strict quality control procedures are applied throughout all stages of the manufacturing process to each batch of product made. Each batch is assigned a unique identification code or Lot Number. Every product released for sale can therefore be traced back to the manufacturing facility, the batch in which it was made, date of production, and even trace the exact raw materials used.


We continually monitor the safety of all our products manufactured through our Pharmacovigilance (surveillance of product safety) procedures. We assess all report relating to all our products and monitor both general and specialised information on the safety of natural products ingredients.

Manufacturing Authorisation

Our manufacturing facilities are inspected regularly by the UK Medicines Inspectorate from the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), to ensure compliance with the European Directives 91/356/EEC and 2001/83/EEC, for Medicinal Products for Human Use.