Our Values

Nelsons use modern production methods and rigorous quality control procedures to produce natural remedies that also continue to uphold traditional values.

Our commitment to quality is supported by our company ethos:

  • We aim to make the highest quality natural healthcare products as widely available as possible.

  • We are committed to playing our part in delivering a stronger and more appropriate evidence base for the safety and efficacy of complementary medicines.

  • We support informed and appropriate regulation of complementary medicines to ensure safety and public confidence.

  • We are passionate advocates of an integrated approach to healthcare.

All of our employees play a fundamental role in the growth of the business. We work to ensure that each person understands the contribution they have to make and that everyone has the opportunity to share in the company's success. We strive to recruit and retain the best and we invest to allow our employees to develop their skills, grow as individuals and in teams and work in a safe and professional environment.

Owners of Nelsons since 1972, the Wilson family are passionately committed to complementary medicines and support a wide range of charitable initiatives in the sector.

Nelsons is also committed to sustainability – sourcing new and innovative ways to improve our brands and production methods whilst making every effort to protect our environment.

Our values are built on the following four pillars: