The Voice of Nelsons

Hear from our staff, the people behind Nelsons, who have been integral to our success over the past 150 years. All Nelsons’ staff are valued team members and are always encouraged to share their views on our products and new products in the research and development stage. Nelsons is a family owned business and these family values transcend through the organisation to the staff. Nelsons’ staff are passionate about their role within the organisation and all of the natural healthcare products that we sell worldwide.

Read on to hear from different members of staff about their views on our products, the 150th birthday and what they like about working for Nelsons:



Ranjni Janda – Homeopath at Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy in London

What does Nelsons' 150th Birthday mean to you?

"It's an achievement and celebration of the pioneering work and advancements made in homeopathy by Nelsons."


Simon Rickatson – HR Director

What does Nelsons' 150th Birthday mean to you?

"To reach the milestone of 150 years is a significant achievement and one that all our staff should be proud of.  For me it is great to be part of a company with such a magnificent history that truly lives the values born out of that history."


Hilary Roger Jones – Spatone Adminstrator (based at Trefriw Wells Spa in Wales, the source of Spatone)

What is your favourite Nelsons product?

"It would have to be Spatone. I have great passion for this natural product as it helps so many people that cannot tolerate conventional iron supplements.  Nelsons has brought this product forward immensely over the years."


Helen Bosley – Marketing Manager of ®Rescue Remedy and Bach™ Original Flower Remedies

What do you like about working for Nelsons?

"I like the fact we make products that help people and consumers feel passionately about. The products we sell impact people’s lives in a positive way. We are ethical in what we do and I would be happy to recommend our products to my friends and family. That makes Nelsons somewhere I am proud to work."

charlotte cox

Charlotte Cox – Director of Marketing

What three words summarise Nelsons for you?

"The three words that summarise the Nelsons brand for me are: Nature, Empowerment, Effective.

The three words that summarise the company for me are: Family, Traditional, Caring"


Susanne Haar – Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy and Clinic Manager

What does Nelsons' 150th Birthday mean to you?

"It means a lot for Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy, as this is where it all started. The pharmacy provides people with a choice to seeking alternative medicine. I feel I use my knowledge as a Pharmacist, Homeopath and Bach practitioner to full potential helping people every day to get better."


Eric Dunn – Head of Supply Chain

What is your favourite Nelsons product?

"My favourite Nelsons product is not yet available for consumers to buy, but it will be in the near future. At Nelsons we invest a lot of time and money into the research and development of new products, as we are constantly looking to widen our product portfolio. This is something that I find very exciting and I’m proud to be part of this process."


Peter Warren – working for Nelsons managing the Bach™ Original Flower Remedies tinctures at the Bach Centre

What does Nelsons' 150th Birthday mean to you?

"My first thought is that I well remember the 125th birthday. If I think back to when I first joined in 1976, Nelsons had not long opened a small manufacturing facility in Brixton and was little more than a manufacturing Pharmacy. There were no distributor accounts, no computers, hardly any machinery, no real Marketing or PR, no Bach products, just a few hard working people trying to raise awareness of homeopathy. Today it's unrecognisable. So for Nelsons to reach 150 years, as it is today, is a remarkable achievement and does great credit to all the employees throughout the years. Hopefully everyone shares such pride in being part of an organisation that has and will continue to play such a large part in bringing alternative healthcare to the general public."

Nishma Badiani

Nishma Badiani – Marketing Assistant for  Original Flower RemediesBach

What do you like about working for Nelsons?

My role within the company enables me to connect with consumers directly, offering help and guidance on the products and services we offer.  I also get to see customer satisfaction firsthand which gives me a great feeling of pride. My role allows me to use my homeopathic and Bach™ Original Flower Remedies knowledge on a daily basis.

Greg Burnard

Greg Burnard – Factory Manager

Why do you like working at Nelsons Manufacturing Site?

"I feel proud to be part of a British manufacturing site that produces products that are sold in 77 countries across the world. All of our products are produced to the highest possible standards, using natural quality ingredients."