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  • Claire Ferguson, new Chief Executive Officer of Nelsons

    Nelsons Appoints New CEO

    Nelsons, the award-winning family-owned leader in natural healthcare, has appointed Claire Ferguson as the new Chief Executive Officer.

  • From the maker of BACH RESCUE

    RESCUE® Launches Three New Products Under New RESCUE PLUS™ Sub-Brand

    New RESCUE PLUS Lozenge, Effervescent and Sleep Gummy, from the maker of Bach RESCUE Products.

  • Claire Ferguson, new Chief Executive Officer of Nelsons

    No Need To Get Worked Up At Work

    We spend the majority of our time at the office with co-workers. Why are so many of us reluctant to foster genuine relationships with colleagues?
  • Dr. Edward Bach

    About Dr Bach

    Dr. Edward Bach, the UK-born doctor behind the Bach® Original Flower Remedies, began his course of study in the traditional way at the University College Hospital, London, where he was later made house surgeon.

  • Nelsons

    About Nelsons

    As Europe’s longest established homeopathic manufacturer, Nelsons is steeped in 150 years of quality and experience. The original Nelsons pharmacy was established in London in 1860 by Ernest Armbrecht, and is still in business today.


    Bach® Original Flower Remedies and Emotional Wisdom

    The 38 Bach® Original Flower Remedies represent a complete system of healing directed at the personality, mood and emotional outlook of an individual.


    RESCUE REMEDY® Press Kit

    Nelsons US is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nelsons in London, England and is the sole United States distributor of the BACH® FLOWER REMEDIES, RESCUE REMEDY®, and NELSONS® ARNICA products